Member of the Week – Geof Crebas



Everyone knows Geof Crebas! Most likely you’ve worked out with him in the 6:00am class, afternoon or weekend. If you haven’t worked out with him than perhaps he has helped you move or fixed something in your house for you. Geof is one of the hardest working people we know. He trains 4-5 days a week, is an amazing dad and husband 7 days a week and makes a deadly Key Lime Pie. Pretty much perfect.


Geof has helped all of out in one way or another and we would not be the same tribe without him. FP is a family because of people like him. Thank you for everything brother.


Here are a few questions we asked Geof. Congrats on member of the week and thank you again for always being there to help.

1) describe yourself in 3 words

2) what’s your favourite CrossFit – weightlifting movement

3) what do you do for fun outside of the gym

4) What do you do for a living

5) what’s your favourite superhero movie and Why

6) where were you born

7) what’s your favourite music to listen to

8) how would you save the world


and his responses were…


1. Entertaining, handsome (wiiink), helpful

2. Snatch

3. I like to make my family laugh till they pee their pants … which isn’t terribly hard because half of them wear diapers ….

4. Plumber and gasfitter

5. Guardians of the Galaxy cause it’s dope

6. Red Deer, Alberta

7. Country or musicals

8. Tickle fights. Need I go on?