Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Surprise Wednesday



Surprise Wednesday



Baby Muscle Ups ( Slow speed, work on technique) 1 X 8 sets

False Grip Pull Ups (Fast, palms facing away from you) 3 X 5 sets

Ring Dips (Explosive push after the pause) 5 x 5 sets

Baby Muscle Ups at a fast speed 1 X 8 sets

-Put the least amount of weight through your legs as possible


Practice Gymnastic Swing (click here for demo) for 10 minutes on rings (feet together, don’t bend knees in back swing, etc.)


12 Min EMOM (alternating)

M1 – 5 second hollow hold + 10 V-ups + 5 second hollow hold

M2 – 5 second hollow arch hold + 10 supermans + 5 second hollow arch hold