At Frontier Performance we try to stay humber in our thought process and we train our athletes and members to do the same. Over the past 2 years we have grown as a business, and have had the privilege to watch as our members take our core philosophies and build a community around them.

In this Blog we would like share the story of Pyper Turriff and her journey into competitive CrossFit with FP. Pyper has been with us for almost 2 year and started CrossFit at age 14.

Pyper Turriff:

Sport and fitness has always been an important need in my life. It has provided balance between the stress and demands of being a student and the need to release my seemingly never-ending energy reserves. Like many female teenagers my age, I struggled with who I was in social settings and would often close myself off. I was very reserved, quiet and sometimes a bit anxious. This all changed nearly 2 years ago when I was introduced to Shawn Lukacsy, Chris Lemky and the Frontier Performance Community. I was only 14 at the time and my knowledge of Crossfit and Olympic Lifting was limited to what I saw on the internet. I was nervous, anxious and bit concerned they would see just a girl who was maybe a bit too young, maybe a bit too tall, and way to skinny to lift a weight. Instead, without evening knowing me, on that first day, what they saw was not my limitations, but my potential. They saw a future athlete. They saw me as a member of their community well before I had a chance to earn it. The coaches and the community of athletes at Frontier treat me as an equal. I am provided endless opportunities in both workouts and competitions to challenge myself both mentally and physically. Over the last 2 years I’ve establish amazing training partnerships and friendships. Frontier is now my second home and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I still can’t believe that I get to train and socialize with such amazing people. Every day when I enter the doors of Frontier and immerse myself in the energy of the gym and the people within it, I feel a little more confident and a little less anxious about life. I am so thankful that I get to train with amazing athletes and individuals that inspire me to be a better person each and every day. As a teenager trying to navigate this crazy thing called life, finding Crossfit and the community at Frontier was the foundation for balance in my life. Frontier is the shoulder I can always be assured is there for me to lean on.

And what do Pyper’s parents think about her choosing FP and the sport of Crossfit?

Keith & Kathy Turriff:

As we look back on the last two years and how Pyper has grown both mentally and physically strong as a young adult, we can say that Pyper’s entry into the world of Crossfit and Frontier’s Community was the foundation for this growth. Pyper’s maturity and confidence in herself has bridged from the gym to the classroom. The strong inclusive and supporting community at Frontier has helped Pyper find the confidence most teenagers need outside of their home environment. The coaches at Frontier have acted as both Pyper’s mentor and friend which is a much needed place of solace for a teenager in today’s fast paced world. As a young adult who needs support, her coaches have also taught her how to give back and support her fellow athletes. She has learned how to respect herself, respect others and be courteous. Frontier has exposed Pyper to an immense volume of knowledge on health and nutrition that will help her live a long and healthy life. We are excited to see Pyper continue to thrive and develop as a young adult at Frontier. She is surrounded by strong role models who care for her as much as we do as her Parents.