We are lucky to have the members that we have here at FP. Each person has their own individual goals and yet seem to understand that you can’t do it without the help of the others around you.

Brian Weibe is just one of these outstanding members

I had originally started thinking about CrossFit after a friend at work mentioned that she had started going. I had heard about it before but from what little I had seen it didn’t seem like something I would take to. Thoughts like “I’m too tall”, “I’ll just get injured”, or “I could never do that” would immediately come to mind whenever I would watch the workouts on youtube.

I first came to Frontier Performance because a friend of mine convinced me to give it a try. Coming in for the first time Shawn showed me around and explained to me how everyone is just an average person and how supportive the community is. The workouts looked ridiculous to me and the word “WHAT?!” became a common thing I would say in disbelief when I would hear what movements they wanted me to do.

Thankfully the coaches are willing and able to work with each member as an individual and can scale the workouts down for someone of my athleticism. Scaling has been something that has benefited me greatly due to my weight and the tendinitis in my knee. Instead of avoiding the workouts and hoping for things to get better, I was able to work with Dr. Colby Leong and his team from Dynamic Movement Lab (Dynamic YYC) and was given stretches and movements to help strengthen my problem areas.

I am grateful for the coaches at Frontier and my friend who pushed me to try CrossFIt. I would have never thought that I would own weightlifting shoes, never mind see myself olympic lifting. From struggling with ring rows to being able to string together a few unbroken chinups it has been great to see what i have been able to accomplish so far. With their help i have been able to accomplish more than i ever would have at a regular gym. Losing 55 lbs and getting better movement in my squats is only the start of my crossfit journey. There is still a lot for me to improve on and i look forward accomplishing more.