The Human Adaptation Process and It’s Response to Exercise

By Chayce Mindra Adaptation refers to the process of the body becoming accustomed to a particular exercise or training program through repeated exposure. As an athletes body adapts to the stress of a new program or movement the activity becomes… Read more »

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

MAINSTREAM/COMP WOD   Surprise Wednesday!!     GYMNASTICS A1) Turkish Get-ups 3 / arm x 5 sets (moderate weight) A2) 10 Push-ups + Wall walk + 10 shrugs x 5 sets with 60 secs rest between sets   B) 5 sec hollow… Read more »

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Member of the Week – Geof Crebas

  Everyone knows Geof Crebas! Most likely you’ve worked out with him in the 6:00am class, afternoon or weekend. If you haven’t worked out with him than perhaps he has helped you move or fixed something in your house for… Read more »

Recovery Bite Recipe by Vitality Nutrition

RECOVERY BITE RECIPE By: Vitality Nutrition These bites have an ideal ratio of carbohydrate to protein for exercise recovery from workouts. To be consumed within the 30 minute window post-workout. Whey protein isolate is derived from milk and is high… Read more »

Member of the Week – Chelsea Hamel

Chelsea Hamel is a true FP original athlete. She was one of our first members almost 2 years ago, but has been training with Chris and Shawn for over 3 years. She is extremely loyal to the people in her… Read more »

To Track Or Not To Track Your Alcohol

TRACKING ALCOHOL Alcohol needs to be tracked in a special way because the calories that pure alcohol provides to the body are neither a carbohydrate, protein, or fat. If you have ever entered an alcoholic beverage in MyFitnessPal you may… Read more »

Member of the Week – Brian Wiebe

  Brian Wiebe (Brian) is one of our newer members. Brian started with us December 2016 and has been working hard towards his goals and is determined to accomplish them. He’s been focused on his fitness, nutrition and becoming a… Read more »

Member of the Week – Allison Mansell

Allison Mansell is one of the strongest people we know. She is driven to make others happy and is always the first person to congratulate another member for something amazing they have done. She is passionate about her fitness and shows… Read more »

Probiotics by Vitality Nutrition

THE IMPORTANCE OF PROBIOTICS by Vitality Nurtition Billions of friendly bacteria live in our digestive tract and each of us has a bacterial flora that may be as unique as fingerprints. Friendly bacteria help us digest our food and absorb… Read more »